ShareDesk can used by everyone!

 is a solution for anyone who needs to work remotely!  Whether you are an individual, small business, non-profit, or multi-national corporation –  is for you!


Have you ever sat down at your desk to get some work done, only to realize that the file you need to write is on another computer several miles away?   takes the hassle out of working remotely and accessing your computers from one convenient cloud-based platform, allowing you to access your files from anywhere in the world, even from a mobile device!

Simply log into our web-based portal, and instantly all computers on your network are available to you.

Our competitors are very expensive (we’ve seen as much as a thousand dollars a month!) and they just want to limit the number of computers you can manage.   is the ideal solution to your remote computing needs.

is so easy to use, you could be up and running within minutes!

Small Business

If you own a small business, you know that time is money. Not only is the best remote administrative platform on the market, it is a fully realized remote IT support platform.

While our competitors are busy working to limit the number of computers you can manage, all  subscriptions allow you to manage an unlimited number of computers!

Our competitors have the nerve to charge in excess of one thousand dollars monthly for barely the same level of service that  provides for just a minuscule fraction!

Furthermore, once the agent is installed on a computer, you can access your computer from anywhere in the world using our secure cloud-based platform.  Not only is your IT always available to you, it’s always safer too!

IT Administrators

In the IT business, we’ve all had that call. The one where you know exactly what the problem is, and exactly how to fix it, but you still have to drive over an hour away to your customers office to apply the fix. With , not only can you apply the fix from your own office, you can remotely test your customers hardware and search for viruses, all without downloading any additional software to your customers computers!  A  subscription is perfect for small and large IT administrators and support professional operations alike, allowing for unlimited computers on your network! Your customers will love the convenience, and you will too!


Contact our business development department at  to find out how you can become a reseller of our next generation cloud remoting platform!