ShareDesk is a subsidiary of Same Day Computer Inc. which was founded in 2003 by Josh Youssef (click here to read Josh’s bio).  As the founder of New Hampshire’s premier IT provider and computer repair brand, Josh has long experienced the frustration of using the other remote desktop and presentation platforms.

There has never been a solution that lives up to its promises and lives up to its price.  Clearly, if we want a platform that is both rich in features and rich in value, we need to customize a solution ourselves!

ShareDesk was born.

ShareDesk is remote desktop, remote support, remote control, and remote collaboration, all in the convenience of one cloud-platform that is accessible from any web browser.  ShareDesk is “remote-reimagined!”

With ShareDesk, all of your computers are organized and managed in the ShareDesk Command Portal.  Your remote control sessions take place right in your web browser, and controlling multiple computers is as simple as switching browser tabs.